Which browser should I use?

The choice is yours. Best choices include Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Apple’s Safari or Opera.     

The links opposite are provided as a reference to useful sites. If you have any which no longer exist or any new sites worth adding please advise. Tutors of some of our courses may also use some of these sites during lessons

Hints On Searching Sites

“Tips for searching like a pro” from Google Help

1. Keep it simple! Start by typing the name of a thing, place, or concept that you’re looking for. [ puppy training tips ] [ london dinner cruise ] [ pasta recipe ]

2. Add relevant words if you don’t see what you want after doing a simple search. First try: [ puppy ] More precise: [ puppy training ] Even more precise: [ dalmatian puppy training class ] Don’t worry if it takes several attempts to find the right words to describe your search.

3. Try words that a website would use to describe what you’re looking for. Not ideal: [ my head hurts ] Not ideal: [ why is my head killing me ] Better: [ headache ]

4. Use only the important words rather than a full sentence or question. Not ideal: [ country where bats are an omen of good luck ] Better: [ bats good luck ]