Special interest groups.

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DigiPals is our group interested in digital photography – using whatever type of camera you have (DSLR or phone camera) and editing, and storing your photos. We meet on the 3rd Monday monthly (during school term) from 1:00 to 2:30 pm at Club Lambton. Emails will be sent to financial members prior to the meeting advising the topic to be dealt with on the day and maybe directions if we have decided to have a day out taking photos at some other place.

Communicate with us by email at contact@computerpals.org.au. or phone 0478 219 220 (this will most likely go to voicemail – we are all volunteers and the phone is not ‘manned’ all the time) and leave your name, number, and your the matter you wish to discuss and we’ll get back to you, alternatively send us an email.

Barry Keen (Conveynor)


our Group for those interested in preserving their memories

Memorypals meet on the 1st Monday monthly (during school term) from 1:00 to 2:30 pm at Club Lambton.

We all have treasured memories, items and photos from our younger days, even some from earlier generations.

If those items don’t have a story and are identified as being important there is a real risk they will be ‘binned’ and lost forever after you have gone.

Future generations will be the poorer for their loss.

Our group is very social and discusses these ‘things’ over a cuppa and we help each other in looking at ways to preserve them.

Often a formal class needs to be run – to learn how to scan documents and photos, negatives and slides; or making movies (videos); or using Publisher or Word to write a story or make a book; or making a photo book, calendar, photo canvas, just to name a few. All of which can be organised through Computerpals and you can learn how with our help. 

Memorypals dovetails nicely with Writerpals if you want to expand your writing of some of those fun memories.

Sandra Keen (Conveynor)

WRITERPALS GIFWriterPals – Our Creative Writing Group

We meet on the 2nd Monday monthly (during school term) from 1:00 to 2:30 pm at Club Lambton.

Everybody has a story to tell…Our next Writerpals meeting
will be on February 14th.
For that meeting, how about going back to school-day style and sharing some stories about Christmas from your childhood, back when Christmas was more family-oriented and less of the opulent gift-giving.
Try jotting down a short story from your Christmas past, no matter how distant.
Give writing a go…you don’t even have to tell anyone…just try!
I know I’m looking forward to catching up with some of your ideas.

Carmel Smith (Conveynor)

ClickHERE for a link to our WriterPals site.

ASCCA Creative Writing Competition
2021 Results for ComputerPals Newcastle


Category: Masculinity / Feminity

Highly Commended: “Am I a Fashion Agnostic” by Lindsay Threadgate

Third Place: “A Love Affair” by Barbara Bartlett


Category: Companion Animals

Third Place: “Boz” by Barbara Bartlett

First Place: “Bonnie the Clydesdale” by Carmel Smith


Category: Seasons and Weather

First Place: “The Day Clarence Died” by Barbara Bartlett


Category: Dusk to Dawn

Second Place: “Dusk to Dawn” by Harold Franks

First Place: “My Dream Interview” by Carmel Smith


Category: Life Changing Event

First Place: “One Hundred Weeks” by Carmel Smith


Champion Writer – 120 points: Carmel Smith

ASCCA Digital Photography Competition 2021 Results


Category: Feminity /Masculinity

Second Place: “The Feminine Side” by Sandra Keen


Category: Seasons and Weather
Third Place: “Nature at Work” by Barbara Bartlett

Category: Dusk to Dawn
Highly Commended: “Total Eclipse of the Moon” by Lindsay Threadgate

Third Place: “Dawn Patrol” by Margie Olsen
Second Place: “Before Sunrise” by Barbara Bartlett

Category: Just Plain Ugly
First Place: “Seeking Camouflage” by Annette Walker

Category: Simplicity
Second Place: “Pine Needles” by Barry Keen

Category: Form in Nature
Highly Commended: “Where is the Organist” by Gerry Eastwood

First Place: “Radiant in Blue” by Barbara Bartlett

Runner-Up Champion Photographer: Barbara Bartlett


Overall Newsletter, Creative Writing & Photography Competitions Runner-Up Club: Newcastle

All Groups are discussion and put-in-practice action groups.