Class Timetable and Course Descriptions


2020 Term 2 Classes in the clubroom have been suspended – due to covid-19 virus precautions.

Check back here for changes. Meantime, we are running online classes on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday mornings starting at 10:00 am – check your email or send an email to us and enquire what is coming up.

For all course descriptions – click here.

If you see a class you would like to do please contact in person, by phone 4961 6576 or email: contact@computerpals.org.au and request a class (we will do our best to arrange something for you).


You must be a Financial Member to enrol in club classes. 

New members or

old members re-joining after six months of old membership expiring 

a joining fee of $5 is payable plus Annual Cost is $25 pa (total $30). 

Membership is from 1 July to 30 June.

(Depending on the time of year – discounts apply – for full details of the club fee structure click here.

Membership is encouraged but not mandatory for people engaged only in Be Connected sessions.

Enrolment is necessary for all courses and payment must be made before you attend to ensure your place in the class.

(please note: Tutors cannot accept payments on the day. All payments must be made to the Treasurer by one of the methods shown below)

THERE ARE SEVERAL WAYS TO ENROL – BY PHONE,  OR EMAIL, for other payment options see below.

  • Phone 4961 6576 during office hours only (9am to 5pm Mon-Fri and not on public holidays) to check place availability and enrol,
  • Enrolment Days at the Club Room occur throughout the year – to see when the next one is (CLICK HERE for the 2019 Calendar)



1. If unsure what classes are currently being run online – check your email or send an email to us and enquire.

2. When you are decided, check if there is a vacancy.

3. If there is a blank space please print your first and last name and phone number clearly so it can be read by the roster officers (It can make our job very difficult when we can’t read the names and please don’t presume we know your first name). 

4. After placing your name on the course sheet, complete a Course enrolment/payment slip [which should be nearby]. If there are none there ask a tutor for one or download and print from the web site by clicking HERE. Receipts are not usually sent but if you require one, send a stamped self addressed envelope with your payment.

Fill out the top part of the enrolment/payment slip, keep it to place on your fridge as a reminder at home, also write details of course(s) in your diary, then without delay

PAYMENT OPTIONS (sorry we don’t have card payment facilities or PayPal)

  1. CASH – Payable only at Enrolment Mornings which are widely publicised and held periodically in the Club room. The Treasurer is on duty to issue cash receipts for all payments.  (Note – For security reasons tutors are not authorised to accept cash payments at their courses.)
  2. CHEQUES – Membership and course fees can be paid by mailing a cheque to Computerpals, PO Box 73, Broadmeadow NSW 2292. For membership new members should attach their Membership Application form and existing members a note with their name advising renewal.  For course fees please complete the form available on the Computerpals web site setting out your name and the course details.
  3. BANK TRANSFER (including Electronic Funds Transfer from your bank account and over the counter deposits at your bank or financial organisation) – There are only a limited number of characters which come through on our bank statement so please use the following protocol in the reference section. Your SURNAME and INITIAL, plus Mb (for membership payment) and C (for course payment) followed by the course number(s).  For example if Fred Bloggs was paying his membership renewal ($25) and also enrolling for course 29 Q & A ($18) and course 36 Windows 10 ($36) the reference would be – F BLOGGS Mb C 29 36 and the payment to be transferred would be $79.00.  If you are enrolling for multiple courses which will not fit into the allocated reference characters please break it into two or more EFT payments.  You will find this method is quick and easy and saves you the time and expense of mailing an explanatory form to our PO Box number as was required previously.  Our bank account details are – Computerpals with NPBS BSB 650 000 Account 962205402.