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WRITERPALS GIFWe are WriterPalswe help each other with Creative Writing.

We meet on the 2nd Monday of the month (check if in school holidays) – 1pm in the ComputerPals Clubroom – at 15 Hubbard St. Islington.

Our challenges are many and varied. You can write on any topic you like. As always, turn your imagination loose and see where it leads you.

Everyone has a story in them – everyone can write !  YES, YOU CAN!

We encourage you to have a go, even if you haven’t tried before.

ComputerPals for Seniors – Newcastle Inc. has a sub-group of members interested in Creative Writing and we are “WriterPals”. We have a lot of fun reading our stories to ‘the others’ and sharing positive critique and generally helping one another.   We meet on the 2nd Monday of each month (sometimes in the school holidays – you need to check) in the ComputerPals clubroom at 15 Hubbard St, Islington. Cost is just $2.00 at each meeting. Nothing else to join but you must be a financial member of ComputerPals.   Interested? You will be very welcome come, see what we do and join in the fun.

Contact Us by Email at: contact@computerpals.org.au 

Or phone: 02 4961 6576 (during office hours 9 – 5)

Results ASCCA Competitions

As usual ASCCA held a Competition for Creative Writing, there were three story themes, the Box, The Last Word and Time to Panic and Poetry.
Here are our results:
    1.    The Box – story 
            Special Mention – Bruce Deitz
            3rd place – Barbara Bartlett
            2nd Place – Carmel Smith
    2.    The Last Word – story
            Special Mention – Carmel Smith
            2nd Place – Fred Schinkel
    3.    Time to Panic – story
            1st Place – Fred Schinkel
    4.    Poetry – You Idiot
            1st place – Carmel Smith
That is two 1st places, two 2nd places a 3rd place and a Special Mention
AND GRAND CHAMPION WRITER, 1st and 2nd, AND Champion ASCCA Creative Writing Club
Grand Champion Writer
2nd Place – Fred Schinkel
1st Place – Carmel Smith
Champion ASCCA Creative Writing Club
Computerpals Newcastle.
Out of 20 awards presented – our little group brought home 10.
I feel like a proud mother all over again.
Cheers & blessings