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ComputerPals Mission

Our mission is to educate seniors in the use of computers as a way of enriching their lives and making them more self-reliant. We bridge the generation gap and assist seniors to find ways to benefit the community through their collective experience and knowledge.

ComputerPals Training Courses

Classes are conducted on Tuesday - Thursdays in school terms. They are generally of one and a half hours (sometimes over 5 weeks, or 3 hour courses, one-off courses may also run on Fridays. Every Monday morning is a closed session devoted to equipment maintenance. Monday afternoons host meetings of Committee, "Train the Trainer" sessions, or our special interest groups - Digipals, Writerpals, Geneapals. Tabpals meet on a Friday afternoon (see the calendar for actual times and dates). As well as our computing sessions and meetings, we arrange social outings for our members. We have developed training courses for our Senior Citizens so that they can learn about computers without feeling under pressure to keep up with the "youngsters". Membership is open to Novocastrian residents over the age of 55 years, as well as residents of nearby Local Council areas.

Who Provides Our Training?

Tutoring is provided by a band of volunteers, prepared to share their knowledge and give their time, so that we can provide training at minimum cost. Being a member of ASCCA ( Australian Seniors Computer Clubs Association ), we have access to ASCCA's resources and links to other Seniors' Computing Clubs throughout Australia. If you would like to become involved as a tutor, or if you know someone who has the skills but is not yet a member, please contact our Tutor Co-ordinator.



SOCIAL OUTING - Saturday 6th February, 2016

Our first foray into the new year will be a trip to Sydney and a visit to the Powerhouse Museum


see the Social Outings tab above for full details.





Want To Join? - For a Membership form, click HERE, print it, complete it and send or deliver it to us. Then go to the 'Payments' tab above and follow the instructions regarding payment. Course information is available on the 'Courses/Timetables' tab above.

For more information contact us at or phone 02 4961 6576


Our move to new premises is now complete and we are commencing our 2016 year at 15 Hubbard Street Islington. If you have not caught up that is right next door to the Islington Public School where we were. It is classes as normal with new courses being introduced.

 New Premises

Now don't take too much notice of the sign, that is a mock up but you might recognise the building. Space is smaller, however, we are very pleased with how we have it set up and feel sure that we will be able to work well here. 

We are still looking for a longer term solution and have a project going with Newcastle Council to this end.

For now we are excited that we have been able to make the move and thanks goes to all those who have put in such a tremendous effort, lost a bit of sweat, debated to pros and cons of how to set the room out and worked so willingly to get the job done.

Don't forget 15 Hubbard Street Islington, right next door to where we have been. Come along and see our new venue.


PO Box 73 Broadmeadow 2292 Ph 4961 6576

Location: 15 Hubbard Street - ISLINGTON - NSW 2296

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